Business mediation

Contact studies in negotiation management and business mediation at the DHBW Ravensburg.

Since the year 2004, the study of business mediation has been conducted at the annual intervals of the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg. It qualifies to work as a business mediator and ends after successful completion of the exam with the university certificate and title "Business Mediator (DHBW / IHK)".

The training comprises eight modules with two or three seminar days each. The modules provide a close connection between theory and practice. A special focus is on the direct application of what has been learned in the group context, which is implemented directly in practice in many role plays, case discussions and exercise groups (peer group meetings).

With the help of an image film made by students, you can get an impression of the contact study business mediation. In the year 2005, the course in Business Mediation was awarded the State Teaching Award for Best Teaching at the Berufsakademien Baden-Württemberg. Since the year 2009, the international conference "Mediation in a Global Village" on mediation is organized and carried out annually.

Comprehensive information is available on mediation in general (what is mediation?) And business mediation in particular (mediation in companies).

If you have any questions, please contact the management directly. Renate Dendorfer-Ditges: or 0172 - 521 086 7