Research and Technology Transfer

Research and Technology Transfer

The IWT offers, in addition to the Bachelor's and Master's programs of the DHBW Ravensburg, continuing education courses for students and academic specialists and executives. The course and event offer includes topics from business, technology and management.

"Innovation through cooperation"

Our small, dynamic team works at the Lake Constance- and the view of the Alps, in the beautiful Friedrichshafen am Bodensee with knowledge and technology transfer as well as (contract) research and the topics:

  • Further education
  • Industry 4.0
  • Open Innovation

We, the Institute for Further Education, Knowledge and Technology Transfer (IWT), are partners of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Ravensburg. As their partner, we are responsible for continuing education programs for students, partner companies and other interested parties as well as research activities / cooperations.

IWT teamAs a non-profit subsidiary of the DHBW Research and Innovation Centers gGmbH and the Association of Sponsors and Alumni of DHBW Ravensburg eV, we want to strengthen the region's innovative power with the help of knowledge and technology transfer.

Through our large network as part of the SteinbeisAlliance, partnering with the DHBW and their membership in the International Bodenseehochschule (IBH) and our own research activities in the Lernfabrik Fallenbrunnen and our internal know-how, we can draw on a large pool of knowledge resources.

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