Math refresher course for business students (5-day)

The one-week mathematics refresher course is aimed at undergraduate students of the Faculty of Business who wish to refresh or consolidate their knowledge of school mathematics. The course requires a willingness to self-study; Literature suggestions and exercises to prepare for the course will be sent to you in advance.

Here, the mathematics of the intermediate to high school is treated intensively and extensively. Many tasks are expected.

  • Basics: Potenzieren, Radizieren, Logarithmieren and calculation rules; Percentages, totals
  • Algebra: Solving equations with one variable, solving a quadratic equation, linear equation systems with multiple variables
  • Analysis: Functions, continuity, limits, derivatives, "curve discussion", integral calculus, primitive functions
  • financial Mathematics: geometric series, interest and compound interest calculation

The course does NOT teach business basics!

Eligibility requirements (recommendation):

  • Admission via professional qualification
  • Students with college entrance qualification
  • Students with a general university entrance qualification and a mathematics grade of no more than 9 points
  • Students with a general university entrance qualification, which is more than two years old

A little hint: About 50% of the training companies (proportionally) pay the course costs. And almost all companies set their students free so that no holidays have to be used for the course. Just ask your supervisor.

The IWT reserves the right to cancel a seminar if the number of participants is too low or for other good reasons. It reserves the right to replace a lecturer at short notice. Please understand that only in the case of a written deregistration until the registration deadline the registration fee will be refunded or not due. The other cancellation conditions can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

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