Industry 4.0 for us

The term "Industry 4.0", which is already well known in the media, politics and the economy, is also the linchpin of the thematic content of the Lernfabrik Fallenbrunnen. But what does industry 4.0 actually mean? After a short search, it quickly becomes clear The industry 4.0 does not exist There are many different definitions, explanations, and understandings about what is actually behind the term.

To create a common denominator and to show you what industry 4.0 means to the learning factory team, we have definitions below are identified as particularly relevant to us. In general, however, we believe that the 4.0 industry should be understood individually for each application and each company.

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Sources: Fraunhofer, BITKOM / VDMA / ZVEI, IHK Region Stuttgart

Summary of the particularly relevant aspects:

  • Production optimization as well as smart planning and control of production
  • Networking in every respect
  • Availability of information I4.0 across the entire supply chain
  • Collaboration man-machine, robotics