Research together, move forward together

Already achieved goals & results:

40 Study and Master Theses

3 Publications

3 submitted grant application

18 Partners

3 cooperative company projects

The activities of Lernfabrik Fallenbrunnen include ...

... the Implementation of innovative ideas of students, trainees and students.... the Applied research using the latest technologies from the fourth industrial revolution.
... the conception and implementation of the Factory of the future.... the research about the collaboration between man and machine and for the integration of assistance systems.
... the development and testing in the field of augmented and mixed reality.... as well as the development cooperative grant applications and joint publications.

Selected research projects:

Guided Assembly

Augmented reality as a helper in the factory 4.0

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seating robot

A driverless transport system as an assistant at events. Article published in ROBOTICS AND PRODUCTION 5 / 2018.

Smart Help

Release in progress, more info will follow in December 2018