History of the learning factory

In the following overview we have listed the milestones of the Lernfabrik Fallenbrunnen. Scroll through our most important events and get an idea of ​​what has happened so far.



The 30 cracked

Since April 2017, a total of 30 student papers have been written in the learning factory by undergraduate students of various programs at the DHBW Ravensburg. This work contributes to the continuous development of applied research in the field of industry 4.0. We are so excited about the students' interest and are looking forward to future topics, ideas and further developments!

Visit the TECademy Kressbronn

As part of the TECademy project, 16 pupils from the secondary school of the Kressbronn Park School of Education received insights into the everyday working life of companies such as MTU, ZF, IFM and Liebherr. On several afternoons, the students were also guests in the Lernfabrik and they were able to experience selected topics such as robotics and programming up close. The Lernfabrik team provided information on theory and practice and was ready to answer any questions that might interest students.

Official opening of the learning factory Fallenbrunnen

After nearly a year of operational work, the learning factory is now officially opened. Here, applications from the industry environment 4.0 as well as the current status and the development of the project are presented.

School meets research

For three afternoons, the girls from the St. Elisabeth Realschule in Friedrichshafen were able to see what topics in research and teaching are being treated. In addition to introductory lectures on the subject of industry 4.0, augmented and virtual reality, the girls were also allowed to program a PLC and a Raspberi Pi or teach a collaborative robot.

First lecture

Our first event as part of the learning factory dealt with the exciting topic of "Augmented Reality". All those interested were able to gain new knowledge and exchange ideas in an evening lecture.

First industrial cooperation

In order to strengthen the region and to gain partners for applied research, we approached local companies. We were already able to make some cooperations.

New semester - New study papers

At the beginning of the semester, we again supervised theses, a total of 11 in number. Since the students were already able to access a foundation of the first study projects, new exciting projects in the fields of automation, robotics and mixed reality were implemented.

First public appearances

At the "Long Night of Technology" the learning factory appeared for the first time in public. Also at the "showcase Fallenbrunnen" the learning factory could already be visited.

The first 10 study papers

At the beginning of the semester, the first 10 study papers were started in the Lernfabrik. These usually have a time period of three months or a workload per student of 150 hours.

Operational project start

The project began with the operational implementation of the project.

project commitment

In the year 2016 the IWT was promised by the Zeppelin Foundation of the city of Friedrichshafen the multi-year funding of the project "learning factory Fallenbrunnen" in which a learning and demonstration center for production and production-related applications in the Campus Fallenbrunnen is to be built and operated. Special focus is on research and knowledge transfer in the environment of the industry 4.0. Examples include digital networking or the communication between man and machine.