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08. October 2019 | EMC and EMF requirements during operation

8. October @ 09: 00 - 17:00

€ 320 - € 400

EMC Requirements in the industrial sector as well as EMF requirements at workplaces

EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) deals safely with the effect of electromagnetic radiation on electronic components, machinery and equipment in terms of noise immunity and emissions. Legal requirements are defined here which must be observed by the manufacturer and operator of the components and systems.

EMF (electromagnetic fields) On the other hand, it deals with the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the human body as well as on body aids such as active and passive implants (artificial joints, screws, plates, pacemakers, implanted defibrillators as well as portable insulin and analgesic pumps). Every employer is legally obliged that the employees at the workplace are not endangered. To do this, he must prepare a risk assessment to ensure that there are no hazards during operation. If it does, measures must be taken immediately to eliminate or eliminate risks.

Our core topics for the seminar:


  • EMC standards for emission, immunity and functional safety.
  • EMC tests (planning, implementation, test unit monitoring, test report.
  • Practical examples.
  • Bus money and penalties (marketing bans, product recalls, costs and sanctions).


  • How does the human body affect electric fields, static and alternating magnetic fields or high-frequency interference fields?
  • What do these interference fields look like, where can they be found?
  • Requirements according to the EMF Directive 2013 / 35 / EU.
  • How are the interference fields measured (measuring method, measuring technique)?
  • What is the required risk assessment in practice?
  • What does the required work instruction look like?
  • Simulations with body models clearly show the effects in our body. Costs and penalties for violations of the EMF guideline are punished with particular severity, in particular for personal injury.

Bring in your individual topics

In this seminar, you have the opportunity to bring in your own personal topics. Simply fill in the marked field in the registration form with your topic requests and we will pass it on to the trainer. However, we ask for your understanding that we can not guarantee that all topics will be considered.


Werner Grommes, Institute for Occupational Safety (IFA)

He has over 20 years of experience as a development engineer in the field of analog hardware development with processor-controlled audio and infrared transmission systems as well as their EMC immunity and security against eavesdropping. Mr. Grommes has also worked as a test engineer at IFA in the field of functionally safe drive control systems for over 11 years. In addition, he is responsible for the EMC evaluation, EMC testing and active participation in EMC standardization bodies with regard to functional safety.

Everything important at a glance

Date: 08.10.2019, 09.00 - 17.00 clock

Registration deadline: 10.09.2019

Target group: Engineers and technicians

Location: DHBW Ravensburg, Campus Friedrichshafen, Fallenbrunnen

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8. October
09: 00 - 17: 00
€ 320 - € 400
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DHBW Ravensburg - Campus Friedrichshafen
Fallenbrunnen 2
Friedrichshafen, 88045 Germany
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IWT Sarah Gander
+ 49 (0) 7541 40294 - 13


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