Dual preparatory study (DuVo)

Semester 0

Since 01. August 2018, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University bundles voluntary pre-study offers under the umbrella of the dual preparatory study, which take place at the DHBW and in the training company.

The offer is aimed at first-semester students who already have a study place commitment at the DHBW and who have an additional one Agreement for a dual preparatory study with your dual partner have closed. The dual preparation course includes courses at the DHBW, but also pre-stages in the company. For the dual preparatory study lasting up to two months, a temporary enrollment takes place.

The preliminary courses listed here are aimed NUR to students enrolled for the semester 0 (DuVo) by their company.

Please also note that the content of the preparation courses is tailored to the specific requirements of the Faculties of Technology and Economics and therefore differs!

Important hints:

  • The Registration deadline for all DuVo courses ends at 31. July 2019.
  • After the registration deadline are no cancellations more is possible. Only then can we guarantee the realization of the course!
  • For the dual preparatory study courses, we provide an implementation guarantee from 8 participants.
  • For more participants we grant a discount: from 13 participants - 10% of the course price; from 18 participants - 15% of the course price.

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