Innovation Management

In order to be able to shape the future as a company, innovations in all areas are of central importance. Particularly small and medium-sized companies face the challenge of using their limited resources in a targeted manner. Building a holistic system is a learning process that has to be developed step by step.

We are happy to accompany you on this journey and support you in the first steps. The process is conceived by #bodenseeinnovativ and implemented in the form of moderated workshops.

In our presentation "Fundamentals of innovation for small and medium-sized enterprises" at 25. September 2019 gives you a first introduction to the basics of innovation management. Be there!

In our interactive seminar - new ideas for problem solvers Then we get into the subject a bit more intensively and you get to know creativity techniques, such as the headstand technique or the Walt Disney method. The next seminar will take place at 23. October 2019 held.

Contact Person:
Lisa Bredel
Phone: + 49 7541 40 294-11

Mobility of the future

Our mobility society is in constant change.
Networking, electromobility, autonomous driving and mobile services require new products and business ideas.

Information about Future-oriented test track Friedrichshafen
see >>> here >>>.

Contact Person:
David Pietsch
Phone: + 49 7541 40 294-21

Industry 4.0

The digital networking of production and other divisions offers new opportunities not only for large corporations. Regional cooperation creates platforms for the development of innovative solutions.

Contact Person:
Soenke Huls
Phone: + 49 7541 40 294-12

Electromagnetic compatibility

The topic of EMC affects all companies involved in the development and manufacture of electronic assemblies, devices or entire systems. It does not matter whether they are developed or manufactured for the consumer sector or for industrial applications. EMC is thus a cross-disciplinary discipline.

In all these areas, the requirements continue to rise, that is, they should be smaller, lighter and cheaper, in addition, the development process will be optimized to bring the devices in ever shorter cycles on the market.

Be part of the first EMC network in the Lake Constance region and exchange views on specific topics across industries.

Contact Person:
Julia Holder
Phone: + 49 7541 40 294-25

From 2016 up to and including 2020, #bodense will be funded by the program «RegioWIN», whose funds will be provided by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and funds from the state of Baden-Württemberg.