Research and Technology Transfer
Further education - knowledge transfer


The IWT is a non-profit subsidiary of the Research and Innovation Centers gGmbH of DHBW and the Association of Sponsors and Alumni of DHBW Ravensburg eV
It complements the scientific activities of the university with complementary offers and operates under IWT Wirtschaft und Technik GmbH.

A company in the Steinbeis network

A company in the Steinbeis network

Offers from the IWT

The IWT offers

as part of the projects, various event formats from the fields of economics, technology and management. Among the Events You will find all free lectures and trade days and under Further developments all offers offered by the IWT supplementary to the bachelor and master study programs of the DHBW Ravensburg as well as further education offers for students and specialists and executives.

In the fields of competence electromagnetic compatibility, telematics, energy production and efficiency, we are pleased to assist you as a partner of the DHBW Ravensburg and provide you with appropriate information Testing services.

Another focus of our offer is the Technology transfer. Use our network and find your technology partner with us.


Innovation is in every company

We are convinced of that! Together with you we make them visible.
#Bodenseeinnovativ, the initiative for companies in the Lake Constance region with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.

We accompany you and your idea - from the desire to change your mind to concrete technological issues. The team at #bodenseeinnovativ helps to discover the potential together with you and your employees. Talk to us, we look forward to meeting you!

Lernfabrik Fallenbrunnen

Industry 4.0 - Fit for the future

As part of the learning factory Fallenbrunnen, modern methods and processes in production and logistics should be made tangible and tangible.

In addition, the idea of ​​networking and digitization plays a key role in the region, which is why we are always looking for interesting projects and cooperations.
Current partners, both from the field of training and education, as well as from the industry, you can here Find. On this basis, both research activities with the aim of publication in the professional world, as well as concrete training and further education measures can be developed.

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upcoming events

  1. July 31

    AdA - Instructor Training, Course (3), Ravensburg, 6-day

    Preparation course for the AEVO exam of the IHK Contents: This AdA preparatory course of the IWT is aimed at DHBW students (+ alumni) and has [...]

  2. in August 26

    Math refresher course for business students 2019 | Course 1 | 5-day

    The one-week mathematics refresher course is aimed at undergraduate students of business administration who want to refresh or consolidate their knowledge of school mathematics. Of the […]

  3. in August 26

    Math refresher course 2019 | Course 1 | 4-day

    The already well-proven one-week mathematics refresher course includes 24 lessons and is designed for all undergraduate technical students who want to improve their [...]

  4. September 09

    Math refresher course 2019 | DuVo course | 5-day

    The one-week math refresher course includes 30 lessons and is designed for all undergraduate technical students who want to refresh their knowledge of school mathematics [...]

  5. September 16

    16.-17. September 2019 | Lean basis as a basis for digitization

    Lean fundamentals and an outlook on the future digitization of production In our practice-oriented basic seminar on lean management, [...]